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CONTESA prides itself on being a very personal charity so why not travel with us for an unforgettable experience.

Visit our projects in Zambia

CONTESA is a very personal charity which regularly visits and maintains personal relationships between CONTESA’s Trustees, supporters and friends and the key Zambian partners, programme managers, volunteers and the orphans. CONTESA invites friends and supporters to visit projects and see for themselves how the money is being spent.

Our travel package includes lodging, visits to our projects, sightseeing of Victoria Falls and a Safari. It is a full immersion cultural experience that will enrich your holiday.

We usually organise at least 2 guided tours per year. If you are interesting in joining us, please email us and we will contact you.

Photos of our guided tours and visitors

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Testemonials of people that traveled to Zambia with us

My work requires many field trips, however this was my first to Africa. As I work in many of Asia’s developing countries, I have witnessed poverty first hand in different countries and cultures throughout Asia Pacific, particularly in the area of education for underprivileged children. One thing that struck me about the poverty in Lusaka and Kabwe, was that there is a general spirit amongst the people to accept their lot, look for any occasion to smile and to see the lighter side of their plight.

Apart from making me thankful for all that I have here in Hong Kong, I feel personally moved by the warm, happy spirit of the Zambian people, which makes me to strive to help these poor orphaned children through CONTESA.

Paul 2012

I had been looking forward to this trip ever since I had met my husband John who told me about Zambia. It was so great to actually see the places he had talked about.

Living such a privileged life in Canada, I could not imagine the poverty and need that is in Zambia. I was overwhelmed by the way these people welcomed me and made me feel at home.

CONTESA is the candle of hope in the dark-ness of Zambia and will always have a spe-cial place in my heart for giving me the op-portunity to see, feel and experience the dif-ference love makes….thank you.

Elaine 2011

Zambia 2010 had been our goal for the past two years. I couldn‟t quite believe it when I was stand-ing in Lusaka airport, but the trip turned out to be everything I‟d dreamed of and more.

After a long and rickety bus ride to South Luangwa National Park we were awed at what natural beauty this country had to offer. Lions, giraffes, hippos and sunsets; the open plains are a world away from England. And it was this beauty which we saw reflected in the hearts of the people we met everywhere we went.

I will never forget the things I have seen, the people I've met. The things I have done or the places I've been. I will never forget Zambia 2010.

Kate 2010

Waiting at Heathrow for our flight out to Zambia none of us knew what to expect. After a pit stop in Lusaka at Chachacha Lodge, we embarked on a long journey across the country to South Luangwa, to spend a few days encountering the more wild residents of Africa.

Driving away on the day we left was a sad time for everyone, for not only were we leaving the people who had welcomed us into their community with open arms, but we were leaving a country where everyone treats you as a friend. However we will be forever thankful to CONTESA, and especially Margaret, for making the trip possible and for all their hard work in an area where love and faith is so strong, but poverty and disease so rife.

2nd Bournemouth Boys Brigade 2008

This summer was the first time I had stepped foot on African soil and so was not really sure what to expect. The first thing that struck me was how warm, friendly and welcoming everyone was. Despite us being western strangers com-ing into a poverty stricken country, my first impressions were of a vibrant happy welcoming community, although we were later to see first hand the suffering and hardship experienced by some members of the community.

All in all this trip was an eye opening experience which really brought home how important CONTESA‟s support is to the Zambians we met. It made me really appreciate my life in the UK and realise how much is sometimes taken for granted.

Alex 2007

In summer 2007 Esnat kindly took a group of travelers to the Church Family Mission in Kabwe. I consider myself lucky to have experienced, albeit heart wrenching at times, a truly wonderful visit. I have thought a lot about the strong and kind people we met and want to continue to show my support.

Elspeth 2007

When Margaret McDermott mooted the idea of my accompanying her on her next visit to CONTESA in Zambia, I had no notion of what a life-changing experience I was to have.

Barbara James-Bowden October 2006

Recently a group of five visited Zambia. We landed at Lusaka Airport after an overnight flight of ten hours and we were immediately into a full day. The first thing that struck me was the poverty of the country. The main street in Lusaka, Cairo Road, had shops that we would consider tatty and run down. There were three strip shopping malls, but these were very much for the wealthy people.

At the end of the time we had a break in Livingstone to see Mosi-O-tunya, which means ‘Mist that thunders’, we know these as the Victoria Falls. This was quite a cultural contrast, with the opulence of the hotel compared with the poverty we had seen elsewhere. Thank you for your prayerful support of this trip. The people I met need our support and we are blessed by having contacts in Africa through CONTESA and Esnat.

Rev. David Hookins 2006

A visit to Zambia to see how CONTESA was spending our money turned out to be quite a culture shock. We were very hospitably received and accommodated by Dauti, Esnat’s brother and his wife Matt.

We were then introduced to the harsh realities of life in Zambia for AIDS orphans by a visit to the centre at Chainda, a shanty town on the outskirts of Lusaka. The children at the centre are given a midday meal of maize porridge, beans and cabbage. For many of them it is the only good meal they get each day.

After this we took in some sightseeing - “we saw the stars we heard the rolling thunder” - of the Victoria Falls. We left Zambia almost overwhelmed by the immensity of the problem. 500,000 AIDS orphans in Zambia alone, 6.500 people die every day in Africa from AIDS. Surely all CONTESA is doing is but a drop in the Ocean but then we remembered Mother Teresa’s words, “What is the Ocean but a collection of little drops.” All that is required is more drops!

Jan and Wendy 2006

Our Mission

To help alleviate the suffering of orphans and disadvantaged children in Zambia through the provision of small grants for food, education, health, welfare, uniforms, shoes or general well being.

Our Vision

To support grass root organisations in Zambia who are working to support and empower orphans and disadvantaged children with shelter, food, education and their general well being.